Noah Chagnon


Marketing Project Manager

Emmanuel College, B.A in Education


Liberty Square Executive Office

10 Liberty Square Boston, MA 02109

Prior to moving to Boston in 2016, I grew up in rural Northern Vermont. I started running competitively in High School where my passion for sports flourished. Currently, I train for long distance running events, particularly marathons. After dealing with a lingering Injury for over a year, I began working at Joint Ventures and was provided exceptional, individualized physical therapy and chiropractic services to get me running pain free. My physical therapist focused on treating my injury and limitations, in addition to providing me with a plan to prevent future injuries! An athlete or not, injury’s are never fun, but I have a new found confidence knowing that I have a team of clinician’s who communicate regularly and are familiar with my body/limitations to provide me support. As the marketing coordinator it is important for me that our patients have the same experience with their treatment and team of clinicians.