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Concussion Baseline Screening

Pre-season measurements of cognitive function (e.g. short-term memory, orientation, delayed recall, balance, etc.) and a neurologic screen are valuable to help determine when an athlete can safely return to play in the event that they have a concussion during the season. This testing can be useful for interpreting post-injury test scores, as well as reducing the risk for a recurrent head injury.

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Orthotic Program

A study in 2004 showed that the average person took over 6200 steps in a day!  And the average miles walked in a lifetime was somewhere between 43,000 and over 100,000.  Obviously, there is a wide variety in these numbers based on your activity level.  But regardless, we have all experienced the foot, knee, hip, or low back pain that often comes with a long day on your feet.  Unfortunately, we’re not all designed to walk and run efficiently; not…


Titleist Performance Evaluation

Have you been stuck with the same handicap no matter how much you play?  Are you having trouble swinging the way your golf professional wants you to?  Are you still driving the ball 20 yards less than the rest of your foursome?  Chances are it’s not the effort you’re putting in or your ability to comprehend the correct motion.  There may be functional deficits in your body that are preventing you from achieving your full golf potential.  Whether it’s tight…

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Running Performance Evaluation

Improve your running form today! 50-75% of runners over a 2 year period sustain an injury with up to 56% of injured runners sustaining more than one injury. Find out how our Running Performance Evaluation can help! What's Included? Why have an evaluation? Tools to help! We offer various packages for all your running needs! Receive an evaluation, follow-up, re-evaluation, corrective exercises, and video analysis. Analyze your gait pattern to identify and correct faulty mechanics as needed to assist you…

Physical Therapy

Wellness Visit

Joint Ventures Physical Therapy is now offering Wellness Visits to all patients! If you have completed physical therapy and would like to continue to improve your physical health and avoid injury, or if you know someone who would benefit from “an ounce of prevention”, try our Wellness Visits!

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Workplace Ergonomics

Work should not hurt! Learn to minimize office injuries by addressing poor posture, incorrect body mechanics, and faulty desk leading causes of workplace-related injuries. Long periods of sitting in bad positions can also lead to injuries such as neck/back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder and wrist tendonitis. Joint Ventures Physical Therapy is now offering workplace ergonomic assessments by a licensed Physical or Occupational Therapist. Your assessment will improve your workstation setup by providing optimal comfort and performance with…