Have you been stuck with the same handicap no matter how much you play?  Are you having trouble swinging the way your golf professional wants you to?  Are you still driving the ball 20 yards less than the rest of your foursome?  Chances are it’s not the effort you’re putting in or your ability to comprehend the correct motion.  There may be functional deficits in your body that are preventing you from achieving your full golf potential.  Whether it’s tight hamstrings, weak glutes, or poor mobility in your spine, it needs to be addressed before the ball!

What is TPI?

There are obvious differences in the style of each person’s swing.  However, there are certain physical attributes you need in order to have an efficient golf swing.  The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) was created to study the physical characteristics that a golfer needs to have in order to reach the top potential of their game.  TPI has created a series of evaluation tests to determine where your deficits are and how to correct them so you can start hitting the ball the way you and your golf pro want to be your best on the course.