Patient Care Coordinator



4 Water Street Boston, MA 02109

I’m so very happy to be part of the Joint Ventures family. When I’m not at work usually my partner and I are outdoors. It is so peaceful and spiritual to be surrounded by birds trees and the sounds of nature. It could be rainy cold day but you can still hear nature happening all around you. I also love going on music adventures to concerts. My partner is a musician, and he has taught me so much about the music world. I love going to see them perform, and photographing his band. Photography is another one of my passions. I enjoy photographing the outdoors and my partner performing. Love seeing everything from the setup to the finale. I try to be the best partner, son, friend, and human I can be. And I’m sure as life progresses, there will be many things I will add to this list. But for the time being here is just a snapshot of who I am.