Jessica Simbro

Jessica MPT, CSCS, TPI Medical Level 3

Physical Therapist

Quinnipiac University, 2001


Kendall Square

356 Third Street, 2nd Floor Cambridge, MA 02142

Over my 20 years of practice in physical therapy my approach has been influenced by countless experiences. From working as a camp counselor with children that have cerebral palsy to being a college athlete. Practicing in multiple regions of the country to developing relationships here in Boston exposed me to multiple theories of practice. Finding the details in each person to help them succeed in recovery has always been my goal. Using the basics of mobility and stability, to advanced sport specific patterns, I enjoy making what seems complicated, simple. I understand the importance of staying active with age, as I try to keep up on the tennis court and golf course. I want to help my patients move more, and move well throughout all aspects of life.