Physical Therapist


Kendall Square

356 Third Street, 2nd Floor Cambridge, MA 02142

As a prior athlete, Erin has a special interest in orthopedics, injury prevention, and chronic pain. She does her best to be an engaged, empathetic listener so that each patient feels heard and can share their story/prior experiences. Erin believes everyone has the potential to learn how to become more in-tune with their body and become stronger by incrementally practicing new movements that mimic their daily tasks/respective problems. Erin’s goal is to teach patients how to modify their positions or hobbies while still remaining active as they navigate their recovery process. She aims to emphasize humor and self-empowerment during treatment sessions so clients can enjoy their rehab experience amidst the backdrop of an unfortunately frustrating healthcare system. Erin recognizes that the rehab journey can often be dynamic and fluctuating – demanding a fair amount of mental toughness and emotional growth to accompany the physical gains – and she will be invested in every outcome while serving as both a coach and cheerleader.