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Abbe RichardsPhysical Therapist
Adrian GarciaStretch Therapist
Aisling KyneBilling Specialist
Ali CistoPhysical Therapist
Allie GoyettePhysical Therapist
Allison ShawcrossClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Ally RosinPhysical Therapist
Amanda LeBelBilling and Claims Specialist
Amy CardilloMassage Therapist
Andy CollentroPhysical Therapist
Annabel HeeneyOccupational Therapist
Ben GibsonClinic Manager and Physical Therapist
Bre MeagherPhysical Therapist
Brian DavisPhysical Therapist
Bridget O'HalloranPhysical Therapist
Brooke ReillyOccupational Therapist
Cait Van DammOccupational Therapist
Caitlin ZornClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Caitlyn BrundageAdministrative Assistant
Carl LebovitzPhysical Therapist
Cathy HardiePhysical Therapist
Chris ClockPhysical Therapist
Cole HowellPhysical Therapist
Conlan BrownPhysical Therapist
Courtney ChaulkPhysical Therapist
Dan RabinowiczPhysical Therapist
Dana SolomonPelvic Floor Occupational Therapist
Daniel BrownridgeOwner & Physical Therapist
Danielle EilertClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
David ConradMassage Therapist
David DiBartoloMassage Therapist and Personal Trainer
David LarsonOwner & Physical Therapist
Dre MayesPersonal Trainer
Emma NelsonClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Eric J. RoseenChiropractor
Erica SaccoccioClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Erin ForsythePhysical Therapist
Gail CanneAdministrative & Referral Coordinator
Garrett LabbertonClinic Manager and Physical Therapist
Ian KarbyPhysical Therapist
Jaclyn CollentroPhysical Therapist
Jaime BrustolinAdministrative Assistant
Jaime MartuscelloPhysical Therapist
Jenna DooleyAdministrative Assistant
Jennie SilvaMassage Therapist
Jennifer CahoonAcupuncturist
Jennifer WashkevichPhysical Therapist
Jessica DouglasDirector of Clinical Operations & PT
Jessica SimbroPhysical Therapist
Jessie CallaghanMassage Therapist
Jill PeateFinance and HR Coordinator
Jill SorrentinoPersonal Trainer
Josh JordanPhysical Therapist
Juliana GalantePhysical Therapist
Kate FitzgeraldPhysical Therapist
Katelyn CloutierPhysical Therapist
Keigan SambranoNew Patient Coordinator
Keith FoleyPhysical Therapist
Kelly HayesAdministrative Manager
Kelsey MalloyBilling Team, Billing Specialist
Kendra FlynnBilling Team, Lead Benefit Specialist
Kerri JonesAdministrative Assistant
Kim DragonDirector of Administration and Billing
Kristen HardinPilates Instructor
Laura PulsBilling Manager
Leah RiceMarketing Associate
Lee SkunesPersonal Trainer
Lei Ann ResurreccionLicensed Acupuncturist
Linda NguyenAdministrative Assistant
Lisa ContiMassage Therapist
Liv GoldPhysical Therapist
Mac ChaseDirector of Finance & Human Resources
Marisa HudsonCredentialing Coordinator
Marissa TedeschiDirector of Marketing & Physical Therapist
Megha BhatiaPhysical Therapist
Meghan McConville-MontanoPhysical Therapist
Molly CarterAdministrative Assistant
Molly DuriganPhysical Therapist
Natalia SautierSenior Administrative Assistant
Nicole ConlinAdministrative Assistant
Nicole ZebrowskiPhysical Therapist
Noah ChagnonAdministrative Assistant
Noelle CotnoirAdministrative Assistant
Ori RochbertAthletic Trainer
Patricia ChapaPhysical Therapist
Paul YeoAcupuncturist
Philip FarrellyPhysical Therapist
Philip KobusPhysical Therapist
Rachael McGuinnessClinic Manager and Physical Therapist
Renee GeorgopolisMassage Therapist
Renee MarnellNew Patient Coordinator
Rhonda KoegelMassage Therapist
Richard MendezPersonal Trainer
Russ RobarMassage Therapist
Ryan HolohanMassage Therapist
Ryan LunnyPhysical Therapist, Clinic Manager
Sarah EllisonPhysical Therapist
Schuyler ArchambaultPersonal Trainer
Shannon ReillyMarketing Manager
Shannon RoseAdministrative Assistant
Sheridan FrenchChiropractor
Stephanie LeePhysical Therapist

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