Safety Precautions Include:

  1. We are asking all patients to adjust behaviors to avoid spending time in the waiting areas;
  2. Some staff may work from home to limit the number of people in each office;
  3. Our extensive cleaning efforts include asking staff to immediately disinfect anything touched by a patient or staff member throughout the session;
  4. All patients and staff are pre-screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (as described by the CDC). Patients and staff with potential COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to stay home;
  5. All clinical staff members are required to wear KN95 masks at all times and gloves for any contact with patients. Administrative staff members will wear surgical type masks at all times. Patients will be required to wear a face mask (of their own or a surgical type mask provided by us) at all times, unless asked specifically to remove it for examination or treatment purposes. If asked to remove your mask, we ask everyone to keep conversation to an absolute minimum;
  6. Patients are asked to bring their own masks and to take their masks with them upon departure. We have a limited supply of surgical masks on site if a patient arrives without a suitable mask.


Joint Ventures Physical Therapy Logistics:

  1. We ask patients to arrive at the time of their appointment to avoid congestion at the check-in area and waiting room. If you arrive early, please wait outside of the clinic or in your car until your appointment time. Please follow posted guidelines for spacing and room capacity;
  2. We ask patients to arrive alone unless it is absolutely necessary - in which case you may bring no more than one person who will also be required to wear a mask and remain in the lobby during your session;
  3. To decrease the number of contact points, we ask you provide us with all of your insurance information and to place a credit card on file prior to your appointment. This will reduce the touch points during the check-in and check-out time;
  4. We ask that you arrive with your mask already on, covering your nose and mouth, and to sanitize your hands upon entering the clinic;
  5. Upon entering the treatment room, we ask that all patient personal items (not necessary for the treatment session) be placed in a plastic basket that will be kept with you in the treatment room. This includes coats, hats, personal bags, purses, treatment supplies, keys, phones, etc.;
  6. To prevent cross contamination, we may ask that you purchase and bring your own therapy equipment to each session, if it is not an item that is easily cleaned between uses. At the beginning of your care, your practitioner will let you know what equipment may be needed immediately and throughout the course of your care. We have some equipment available for purchase in our clinics, but we also have an online store on our website for anything we don't have on site;
  7. PLEASE NOTE: Bathrooms will only be available for emergencies only. Please plan accordingly;
  8. We ask that you limit time in the waiting area and leave the office directly after your appointment. If you need to schedule follow up appointments, you may do so with the administrative assistant in the clinic, directly with your practitioner during your session, or by contacting the main office at 617-536-1161;
  9. We understand that, despite all of our precautions, some people may still have concerns about close contact. If this is the case, and upon their request, we will perform “Touch-Less PT,” diagnosing the issue and guiding treatment using careful visual evaluation and detailed discussion.

Updated 3.5.2021


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