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Adam EngelmanPersonal Trainer
Allison ShawcrossPhysical Therapist
Amanda LeBelBilling and Claims Specialist
Andrew FiolaSports Chiropractor
Andrew MillettClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Anna KoteffPhysical Therapist
Anthony DallesandroMassage Therapist
Ashton ZarnaAdministrative Assistant
Ben GibsonPhysical Therapist
Caitlin DanglerMassage Therapist
Cameron PulsPhysical Therapist & Personal Trainer
Cathy HardiePhysical Therapist
Chris ClockPhysical Therapist
Chris Johnson Chiropractor
Christina BeachyPhysical Therapist
Claire JacksonPhysical Therapist
Cortney MurrayPilates Instructor
Daniel BrownridgeOwner & Physical Therapist
Danielle ButschPhysical Therapist
Danielle EilertClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Danielle LandryAdministrative Training Coordinator
David CarletonPhysical Therapist
David DiBartoloMassage Therapist and Personal Trainer
David HabibPersonal Trainer
David LarsonOwner & Physical Therapist
David WatsonClinic Manager and Physical Therapist
Diana PerkinsPhysical Therapist
Emily WanerkaPhysical Therapist
Emma NelsonPhysical Therapist
Eric J. RoseenChiropractor
Erin FutrellPhysical Therapist
Erin HamiltonPilates Instructor
Francesca DipalermoAdministrative Assistant
Gail CanneAdministrative Assistant
Garrett LabbertonPhysical Therapist
Giovanna FeroneAccounting Coordinator
Helena BilyMassage Therapist
Jaclyn FehrenbackClinic Manager and Physical Therapist
Jaime MartuscelloPhysical Therapist
Jason OrtolanoPhysical Therapist
Jennie SilvaMassage Therapist
Jennifer WashkevichPhysical Therapist
Jessica DouglasDirector of Clinical Operations & PT
Jessica FoughtAdministrative Assistant
Jessica SimbroPhysical Therapist
Jill OlsenPhysical Therapist
Jocelyn MachPhysical Therapist
Kate HoffmanPhysical Therapist
Katelyn CloutierPhysical Therapist
Kathryn CalpinoPhysical Therapist
Katie WoznickBilling Administrator
Katy GlazebrookMassage Therapist
Keigan SambranoAdministrative Assistant
Keith FoleyPhysical Therapist
Kelly HayesAdministrative Assistant
Kendra FlynnVerification Coordinator
Kevon PlouffePersonal Trainer & Massage Therapist
Kim DragonDirector of Billing
Kristen HardinPilates Instructor
Laura CaparelliotisAdministrative Assistant
Laura DemchukPhysical Therapist
Laura PulsPatient Account Specialist
Lauren D'AmbrosioPhysical Therapist
Leah RiceAdministrative Assistant
Lee SkunesPersonal Trainer
Lisa ContiMassage Therapist
Lisa ThompsonPhysical Therapist
Loni RodriguezPhysical Therapist
Luke FiehlerPersonal Trainer
Mac ChaseDirector of Finance
Madalaine BaerMassage Therapist
Marisa HudsonDirector of Administration
Marissa TedeschiDirector of Marketing & Physical Therapist
Martha AdamsPhysical Therapist
Meghan GilhoolyMassage Therapist
Michael AmatoPhysical Therapist
Michelle KimAcupuncturist
Miguel AragoncilloPersonal Trainer
Mike BarresiDirector of Operations
Mike GreenfieldMarketing Associate
Mike ShortAcupuncturist
Natalia GomesAdministrative Assistant
Nathan DiazRegistered Dietitian
Nora MesdaryAdministrative Assistant
Patricia ChapaPhysical Therapist
Patrick RoetzelMassage Therapist
Paul BerkeleyPhysical Therapist
Paul YeoAcupuncturist
Rachel HultgrenPhysical Therapist
Renee ArchambaultAdministrative Assistant
Renee GeorgopolisMassage Therapist
Richard MendezPersonal Trainer
Robert RichardsPhysical Therapist
Russ RobarMassage Therapist
Ryan HolohanMassage Therapist
Sara WhitneyClinic Manager & Physical Therapist
Shannon ReillyMarketing Associate
Sharon BarryPilates and Yoga instructor
Stephanie BouchardAdministrative Assistant
Tom RomanoClinic Manager and Physical Therapist

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