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Skating Safely

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Ice skating is a wonderful activity to take part in, especially as the cold winter months approach. But a few things need to be addressed before you hit the ice to ensure you have a good time and ice skate safely. First, you need to make sure you have proper balance standing on flat, level ground. On ice, your base of support is constantly moving and changing. Without proper balance, ice skating will present a new set of challenges for you that could potentially lead to injury. A good way to check your balance is to practice standing still on one foot for 5-10 seconds without disturbances.                                                         

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Text Neck

Monday, October 30, 2017

“Text Neck”, or the posture that you are in while using your smartphone, has increased in frequency as smartphones have become more prevalent. And, it's not just "texting"! We consume a massive amount of information via our digital devices via social media, news outlets, etc. This all can lead to an increase in orthopedic and health issues.


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Back To School Backpack Basics for Adults and Children

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Going back to school means loading up new text books, school supplies, lunch bags, gym clothes, and other gear. In this blog, we will discuss tips on how to maintain a healthy posture to, from, and during school.  

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Aquatic Therapy - What's all the splashing about?

Friday, June 30, 2017

I can’t emphasize enough to my patients that they need be proactive with their health - step up to the plate, ask lots of questions, get second opinions, and be curious about all your options.   If you are referred to physical therapy, and you are not successful on land (in the office setting), ask your physical therapist about aquatic physical therapy.  If you want to try it from the beginning of your physical therapy, bring it to your doctor’s attention or on the first day you start physical therapy.  It’s something to keep in mind, and possibly the approach that’s right for you.   

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Golf Game Not Up to Par?

Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is an evidenced based organization that looks closely at the relationship between how the human body moves and the efficiency of the golf swing, termed the “Body-Swing Connection”. TPI was created in 2003 by Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips along with 52 other members of their board of professionals, all with different experiences in fields of fitness, junior level development, medicine, golf, and power. Their main testing facility is located in Oceanside, California, but the research has spread worldwide through its teaching of certified professionals.  

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Advanced Injury Risk Tool for Athletes - The JVAPP

Monday, May 01, 2017
Have you or someone you care about ever experienced an injury and thought "Could this have been prevented?" With the Joint Ventures All-Season Performance Program (JVAPP), you can help prevent injuries! The JVAPP is a movement assessment tool that measures how your body moves and compares you to national averages to assess your risk for an injury.  It can be used if you have been injury-free or after an injury has occurred to assess the potential for re-injury.  By knowing your risk for injury, you can take steps to bulletproof your body to be more resilient to what life and sports throw at you!

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Stretching Before Running

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Starting at a young age, all athletes, including runners, are encouraged to stretch before they begin playing a sport, participating in a practice, or just going out for a leisurely jog.  These days, the questions I receive from my clients are, “Do I really have to stretch?” and also “When am I supposed to stretch, before or after my run?” Stretching in regards to running and injury prevention is a debatable topic, but hopefully the following recommendations will provide some general guidelines when it comes to stretching and running. 

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The 122nd Boston Marathon is Approaching

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

In just over a month, many of our friends, family, and co-workers will be running in the 122nd Boston Marathon. Each year as the thousands go by, I get caught up in the courage, conviction, and dedication I see on the faces of all the runners. Each year Joint Ventures becomes more involved with the Boston Marathon, mostly through participation with Coach John Furey's runners.  For some, it will be their first marathon, while for others they're working to improve on a best time. For any runner training to run 26.2 miles, there is an overload of information on how to properly train, but here are a few basic, but important tips! 

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New Years Resolutions 2017

Monday, January 09, 2017

In the season of resolution making, it is important to spend a bit of time reflecting on what real changes would benefit an individual’s health and wellness. Studies have found that people are successful with resolutions in the first two weeks, derail by February, and are right back where they started come December. Why is this? Americans are known for their lack of moderation when it comes to choices. When making resolutions for 2017, remember that “bigger isn’t always better” and set yourself up for success by resisting the urge to create lofty goals that you “should” do. 

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Which Are My Core Muscles?

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Your core is a complex of muscles, extending far beyond you abs or the so called “six pack”. Many of these muscles are hidden beneath the exterior musculature people typically train. Major muscles included are the pelvic floor muscles, transverses abdominis, multifidus, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae and diaphragm. Minor core muscles include the latissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus and trapezius. 

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