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Tips &Tricks From Ryan Holohan-LCMT

Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Senior Massge Therapist, Ryan Holohan, shares his tips and tricks!

Just about all professions have their toys they like to bust out to remind you of how the pros do it, and I'm no different. My office is equipped with soft lighting, foe candles that twinkle with LED lights, a soft heated massage table, endless playlists of music, and a warm towel to wipe off oil when you’re done. My latest tool I've grown fond of is called a Corestone, which is simply a piece of limestone that is cylinder shaped with a beveled head and milled to be super smooth. I heat the stone up in my towel oven and incorporate it into most of my massage treatments.

Since heat applied to the body feels good and calms the nervous system, it gets my clients to mellow out and really tune into their bodies. Using the stone to warm up the area I'm going to work on helps me too because it brings blood flow to the area, softens the tissues, and allows me sink deeper (oh yeah, deep tissue massage) without pain or resistance. Since the muscles have all this fresh blood and have become supple when I work the chances of me leaving a bruise is greatly decreased. I know many people like to show there bruises as a post massage pledge pin, but I'm here to tell you that if you're bruised all the time or in a lot of places it's because you're therapist was going too deep too fast. There is no need to get a bruise from a deep tissue massage. In order to get deep your body needs to be super relaxed, your muscles and soft tissues warm and your therapist patient and knowledgeable.

So enjoy the tools, tricks, and hot stones incorporated at your next massage with me. I'm at Joint Ventures Physical Therapy & Fitness 5 days a week in the Kenmore Square location. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Stay Healthy and Run Fast,
Ryan, LCMT

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