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Advanced Injury Risk Tool for Athletes - The JVAPP

Monday, May 01, 2017

Have you or someone you care about ever experienced an injury and thought "Could this have been prevented?" With the Joint Ventures All-Season Performance Program (JVAPP), you can help prevent injuries! The JVAPP is a movement assessment tool that measures how your body moves and compares you to national averages to assess your risk for an injury.  It can be used if you have been injury-free or after an injury has occurred to assess the potential for re-injury.  By knowing your risk for injury, you can take steps to bulletproof your body to be more resilient to what life and sports throw at you!

Sports injuries have been on the rise and continue to rise. Injuries ranging from “wear and tear” to major trauma are everywhere from the professional level down to the youth level. Though the mechanism of the injury or circumstances around the injury widely vary, there are certain risk factors that can be assessed and measured to determine if you or your child are at a greater risk for injury.

While no injury is completely preventable, you can take steps to make sure you lower your risk as much as possible!  The JVAPP takes approximately 30 minutes to perform by a licensed Physical Therapist. Once the assessment portion is complete, your Physical Therapist will provide you with a detailed analysis and an individualized game plan heading forward. Depending on your risk level for injury, your plan may include:
  • - A 1-on-1 evaluation with a Physical Therapist and work to bring your body back to a safe level to participate in activities;
  • - Working with one of our strength and conditioning coaches to "bulletproof" your body;
  • - Continuing with your current exercise routine and activities with some suggestions for improvement.
You can have the JVAPP testing performed at any of the 7 Joint Ventures locations.  Call 617-536-1161 and speak to any of our admins to schedule your JVAPP appointment today!

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