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My Recovery through the City Sports Run Club

Monday, June 30, 2014

I have had an amazing experience using a social group in my recovery after the Boston Marathon Bombings on April 15, 2013.  


After moving to Boston from Florida in September 2012, in January, my husband and I found a running club through City Sports on Boylston StreetI was very nervous starting with a running group since I was never part of such a group in Florida and being the “new kid” in town, we didn't know many people. I knew that a running group was what I needed because that is what people do in Boston… they RUN, and they run a lot, and FAST! I soon realized in joining this group in the dead of winter, that I was running with some hardcore runners. No amount of snow, sleet, or rain was going to stop us from our Tuesday night runs. Once the group realized the a couple of Floridians could hang with the group during the fearsome Northeastern weather, we were immediately taken in as part of the family. This is when I realized that strength in numbers is not just a saying. The camaraderie between all of us - the ultra-fast, middle pack, and turtles in the back, was amazing. Most of the runners would stay outside (of course weather dependent!) until the last person came in, giving high fives and saying “good job.” 

After being injured in the Marathon Bombings, news spread quickly amongst our group that my husband and I were both in the hospital. About mid-week, after my second surgery, a large group of people walked into my hospital room… It was our City Sports Running Club. They all had a look of shock and sadness on their faces, but they brought some gift, including a musical toy tiger with a bandaged leg and crutch! It felt amazing to know that people we had only known for about four months came to support us in a time of need.  

As soon as I was out of the hospital and tolerated being out of the house, my motivation was to go to City Sports for run club every Tuesday night that I could. I couldn’t run, heck I was still in a wheel chair, but I wanted to be there to support them and do whatever I could -even if that meant sitting and waiting to pass out water at the end of the run.  

My running club knew since I joined the group in January, that my goal was to run the Chicago Marathon in honor of my father.  No one ever told me that they didn’t believe that I could do it, but doubts were noted as time got closer and I was still not able to run.  When I returned to my running club in the beginning of September, it marked a huge day for my physical and mental recovery. They welcomed my husband and I back with open arms. Even a little speech was made in honor of our return. I knew that I had their overwhelming support in achieving what seemed to be the impossible dream after such a horrific day just six months earlier.


I cannot tell you how valuable groups can be in recovery and overall wellness.  These group activities and de facto support groups will help motivate you when you just can’t drag yourself out of bed. Believe me when I say you will make lifelong friends and workout buddies that you can always count on. Whether you are "new kids" on the block or have been living in a town your whole life, I recommend participating in a group activity. Find a running club, a CrossFit box, a rowing crew, or any group activity to get an extra boost of encouragement. From experience, I believe it’s easier to be accountable to someone other than yourself!

Thank you City Sports Run Club-Boylston for being there all the way to the end!

If you have questions about the benefits of running clubs, please feel free to stop by my office at our Kenmorel Square location or email me at

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