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Joint Ventures After The Marathon Bombings

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Two weeks ago, Boston was changed forever when two bombs were detonated at our beloved Boston Marathon finishing chute.  The Joint Ventures family has many patients, friends and colleagues who were affected, and we are working through these challenging times as a family. We’d like to give you a glimpse into what we have seen, and share the goals that are helping us heal physically and mentally.

From Jessica Douglas, MSPT, OCS:

"As a Physical Therapist, my first thought was trying to track down my friends, teammates, and patients that were on course.  I was watching from Mile 24, and had seen most of them go by.  I had gotten high fives, waves, and hugs and now just wanted to make sure they were all okay.  Luckily, through my network of friends and the wonders of email, I was able to hear from them all in about 24 hours. 

My next thought was, “What about next year?”  I am a runner and triathlete, but have never really had an interest in running a marathon.  For about a minute, I thought maybe 2014 would be the year I changed my mind.  Then I realized that my dream is not to run Boston, but for so many it is.  So, I have decided to volunteer at the medical tent, or a water stop, or somewhere, to help make those dreams come true for others.  Maybe I’ll see you out there!"

Something that we can all do now is donate to the OneFund to help offset medical costs for the victims of the attacks.  Another option is OneRun,  a free event being organized by representatives from several running clubs, teams, events, businesses and organizations in the Greater Boston area.  The goal of OneRun is to give runners and spectators an opportunity to experience the final mile of the marathon while also bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars in consumer spending to the Back Bay on Mother’s Day.  Go to for more details.

Next, I would like to speak about one of our JV family members, Lee Ann Yanni.  She was injured in the first explosion, and after a week in the hospital and a few surgeries, she is home and on the road to recovery.  She has amazed us with her composure, positive attitude and sheer strength in these last two weeks.  We miss seeing her at JV, and can’t wait until she is back in the office cracking her usual jokes. We have been amazed at the generosity of our friends and family, as we have raised over $5000 (at last check) for Lee Ann and her husband’s medical expenses related to these injuries.  If you would like to learn more about how she is doing or to donate, please visit her page here.

In her own words, Lee Ann said, “I just want to thank all the first responders and medical staff and ancillary personnel on site and at Tufts medical center for all the great support and skills that will bring me back to my goals of running again!”  We can’t wait to see her back on the road again!

marathon bombings, boston marathon

LeeAnn Yanni and her husband Nick Yanni being interviewed by the Today show. 

Finally, a story from one of Joint Ventures Administrative Assistants, Toni Mariano, who was running the Boston Marathon.

"The 117th Boston Marathon was the first marathon I have ever participated in. I grew up in Boston and attended Boston College, so I was an experienced fan of the race, but had no idea what to expect as a runner. After training for months in the cold weather, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! The sun was shining, there was a refreshing wind, and people from all over came out to support the runners. I entered Kenmore feeling strong and anticipating the finish line. When I reached the underpass where they began stopping the runners I was confused and looked to the spectators to answer all my questions. I was told that there was a bombing and my first instinct was to call my family, whom were on there way to the finish line. My family was on the the train when the explosions occurred and were stopped by Boston University. I was so thankful that everyone I knew was safe. I immediately signed up for another marathon in Green Bay, Wisconsin on May 19th because I am determined to complete my first marathon. I also plan to run the Boston Marathon again next year."


Toni Mariano(Far Right) ready to begin the race in Hopkington.


Toni Mariano reuniting with her family. 

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