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Golf Game Not Up to Par?

Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is an evidenced based organization that looks closely at the relationship between how the human body moves and the efficiency of the golf swing, termed the “Body-Swing Connection”. TPI was created in 2003 by Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips along with 52 other members of their board of professionals, all with different experiences in fields of fitness, junior level development, medicine, golf, and power. Their main testing facility is located in Oceanside, California, but the research has spread worldwide through its teaching of certified professionals.

Everything TPI teaches has been culminated through years of research and specialized testing by some of the leading experts in the golfing industry. From the research, TPI has found the correlation between how a properly functioning body can allow an individual to swing a golf club in the most efficient manner. Now, the most efficient swing may not be the same between a 5’ 5” female and a 6' tall male, but TPI actually believes that there is an infinite number of swing styles, based on the physical capabilities of each individual. The TPI assessment takes this into consideration with their 16 part screen, assessing for physical impairments in the human body like weakness, muscle imbalances, or joint mobility limitations that can affect the golf swing and further lead to injury. Based on the results, each professional can then create a plan that is unique to each individual golfer. Specialized exercises, nutritional advice, or strengthening activities can be given to help each golfer create an efficient and safe swing that has the most power their body can generate.

TPI’s website offers a variety of expert tips on the most common swing deficiencies, exercise tips, and articles to read for further information. The website also has a great tool to help you find a local TPI specialist near youWith over 15,000 certified TPI professionals, some may be closer than you think. Joint Ventures Physical Therapy has several TPI specialists at our locations.

If you have questions about TPI, or how Joint Ventures can help you and your golf game, please call any of our offices at 617-536-1161 or email me at

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