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Book Your non-Physical Therapy Appointments Online with MINDBODY!

You can book your non-Physical Therapy, non-Groupon appointments online using the same software we use in the office!  Click this link to go to the MINDBODY website to create a guest login then schedule.  It only takes a minute and you will have an email confirming your appointment by the end of the process!  

You will be required to have a valid credit card (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover) in your profile to reserve your appointment.  And ALL Groupon appointments must call (617-536-1161) to schedule!  

A Quick Tutorial:

When you get to our MindBody site, you can book an appointment by clicking "Browse Appointment Schedule".  Once you're in the schedule, you can pick your own appointment or use a filter. You can filter appointments by the following options:  type of appointment, preferred practitioner, gender, time and day.

Booking by Type of Appointment


We offer multiple locations, types of massage, and time frames - so please choose carefully!  Upon arrival, all massages are customized to your requests and needs by your practitioner.  Our massage appointments are designed by location, service and time frame.  So you will see options such as:  
  Kendall – JV Rehab Massage (60) - This would be a 60 minute massage at our Kendall Square Office with no specific practitioner chosen.
  Kenmore – Russ - JV Rehab (90 min) - This would be a 90 minute massage at our Kenmore Square Office with Russ.

Our acupuncture appointments are designed by location and service.  So you will see options such as:  
   Kendall – Acupuncture Evaluation
   Kenmore – Follow-up Acupuncture

Our personal training appointments are designed by practitioner and service. So you will see options such as:  
    John – 30 Minute Training Session
    Richard – Semi-Private Training Session

    Nutritional Counseling and Chiropractic Care

At this time, Nutritional Counseling and Chiropractic Care should be scheduled by calling our main office at: 617-536-1161 or emailing one of our practitioners directly.


Please call our office (617-536-1161) to schedule your Groupon Appointment!

Other Details


Downtown   Downtown Boston at 4 Water Street, Boston
              Commonwealth Sports Club Office at 1079 Commonwealth Ave, Boston
Kendall        Kendall Square Office at 356 Third Street, Cambridge
Kenmore     Kenmore Square Office at 654 Beacon Street, 2nd Floor, Boston
Wayland       Wayland Town Center Office at 109 Andrew Avenue, Wayland
Prudential   Boston Sports Club Office inside the Prudential Center at 800 Boylston Street, Boston
Wellesley     In the Cedar Professional Building at 204 Worcester Street, Needham/Wellesley line

Go to our Locations tab above if you need more detail on the exact location of each office and for specific instructions on finding the office once you’re at the building.

    Payment Options

Joint Ventures accepts Cash, Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover) and Personal Checks.

You will be required to have a valid credit card in your profile to reserve your appointment.  Before you get to the checkout and payment screen, you will get an alert to enter your credit card information.  You can change your payment type upon arrival, but a valid credit card ensures your reserved time slot.


Some of our practitioners appear to be available, but you're unable to complete the booking process.  If that's the case, please call to schedule an appointment with your requested practitioner -- 617-536-1161.  Those practitioners prefer to book their own schedule.

Once you choose a type of service, you can also select a preferred gender of your practitioner if you don't have one in mind.

    Time Frame

To clean up from your appointment and set up for the next client, the time frame of the appointment you select may appear longer when you go to book (for example: 2pm-3:15pm for a 60 minute appointment).  Your treatment is for the time frame selected (that is, 60 minutes).  

As always, if you have any problems scheduling an appointment, please call our administrative staff at 617-536-1161.  Our customer service experts can assist you!

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